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No motivation to do a workout? Try this instead to gain motivation!

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise? Very understandable. Try these tips to get yourself ready to do some exercising!

  1. Create space

Do you choose to exercise at home? Then try to create a special gym. Exercising in a bedroom where clothes are scattered all over the floor isn’t very motivating. Make sure you create a space where there are few distractions and where you feel comfortable.

2. Calendar

It may sound a bit childish, but it can help. Make a calendar on which you keep track of the days on which you exercised. By making it visual, you’ll find yourself staying motivated and also proud of yourself.

3. Writing

Another thing that can help you stay motivated to exercise is to write down how you feel during and after a workout. You often feel energetic and cheerful during exercise and this feeling lasts for a while after the workout. If you can read this back, you’ll be able to motivate yourself faster to start moving again.

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4. Sports outfits

While exercising, you want to wear comfortable clothing in which you feel comfortable and conMealfident. Treat yourself to a new sports outfit every now and then. Especially if you’ve lost your motivation for a while, such an outfit can ensure that you keep exercising. If your clothes are comfortable, you’ll also dare to exercise a little more intensively.

5. Meal

Healthy food is essential if you exercise a lot. Treat yourself to an extensive breakfast or a nice evening meal after your exercise. So you always have something to look forward to during your workout.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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20 thoughts on “No motivation to do a workout? Try this instead to gain motivation!

  1. I like to trick myself into working out. First, I’ll tell myself I’ll just do an easy routine. I won’t even aim to breathe hard. Then when I’m into it and all warmed up, I turn up the intensity. It’s easier to do that once I’m halfway into my workout than to drag my ass out of the couch from the very beginning. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. That’s very smart actually! I’ll definitely try that out someday too! It’s always best to do a warm-up anyway before moving on to the real deal!


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