1. Name: Skylar
2. Nickname: Deem, Deemske, Demore, Deemz, Skye
3. Age: 24 years
4. Hobbies: Writing stories, reading, playing with my cat, gamen, drawing, painting, watching movies, watching series, streaming games, listening to music, photography, improvise (Hobby Freak)
5. Sport: Boxing and skateboarding
6. Favorite colour: Black
7. Pet animals: A cat of seven years old

How did you get the idea to write stories?

I started writing when I was eight years old, and it began with short stories on our old computer. Sometimes I had the dream to make a little book, and to put that really quick into the rack from a shop, haha. When I grew older, and went to the high school, I felt the urge to write longer stories. When I was seventeen, that feeling started to gnaw at me. I was thinking a lot about starting a blog. And on three august 2014, I started my blog.

Why the name Creabealounge?

Honestly, when you hear that name, you would think of do it yourselves or recipes. But that name was the first thing that came to my mind when I started this blog. It sounds really nice, so I decided to call it that way.

What do you want to reach with your stories?

I want that people will laugh about my stories, that they like to read more parts of it and that they shudder because it’s really exciting. In short, they have to love it. I get such sweet reactions, which give me the sign that I’m doing it very well. And that’s feeling great, because I want to continue many, many, many years.

You have published five books, what kind of books?

That’s right; I have published five books. They’re all youth books. The things that will happen in those books can also happen in real life, and I bet that many people will recognize some things. It’s easy to write something like that, because I’ve just get out of that zone since I’ve become twenty years old. You leave your teen years behind then, officially.

How do you combine your blog with your daily life?

That’s actually really easy. I downloaded the app on my phone. Now I can write down my inspiration and make a concept. After that, I can customize it all day long. And when I’m happy, I post it. In the evening, I’m always sitting at my computer. I update things and then I plan new posts in.

14 thoughts on “Creabeaatje34

  1. Leuk interview! Ik was vroeger dol op schrijven en schreef zoveel verhalen. Nu moet ik weet een beetje de passie terugvinden. Heb echt jaren al niet geschreven.

    Wel erg leuk dat jij dit doet!

    Liked by 1 person

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