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Want to enjoy the summer and work on your health? Some final tips!

Summer isn’t over until September 21st, technically, but a small part of me hopes that the heat will slowly start dissolving into fall/autumn. But I know that many want(ed) to enjoy the summer by eating ice cream and drinking wine. Don’t forget your health! Which is today’s help guide!

  1. Change of plans

Many people are motivated to exercise in January. Maybe you had a regular sports routine in the winter that you felt comfortable with, but the summer is kind of different. Maybe you don’t feel like going to the gym three times a week. Therefore, adjust your sports plan. You may like to exercise less often and prefer to do your workouts outside. Write out your new plan, so that you stay motivated.

2. Reserve time

In the summer there’s a lot to do. It’s the time of festivals, barbecues, and having a nice glass of wine with friends. Compared to the winter, spontaneous agreements are now much more often made. It can then be difficult to exercise or go to that yoga class. This is why it’s important to make your weekly planning on Sunday. Write down when, where, with whom, and for how long you’ll exercise.

3. Rewards

Rewarding yourself for something you did well is always motivating. So, plan your sports lesson and reward yourself afterwards by, for example, going to lunch or coffee with a friend.

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4. Changes whilst on holiday

Maybe you’ve just discovered a sports routine and you don’t know how to maintain this routine on holiday? When you go on holiday it’s important to be flexible. You may not be able to exercise four times a week, but you may be able to do some exercise for 15 minutes a day. Go swimming, and/or go for a walk. Also try to make some time for yourself one day where you, for example, write your thoughts off or meditate.

5. Find a friend

Together is better than alone, right? Especially in the field of sports and healthy living, it’s nice to have a friend nearby who pursues the same goals. This way you can work out together, go shopping, and/or end the day with a relaxing walk.

6. See progress

Did you start exercising (more intensively) a few months ago and/or living a healthier life? Then take a look at the goals you’ve achieved and try to be proud of yourself. Was it your goal to exercise twice a week or did you want to read or meditate more, and have you (often) succeeded? That’s amazing and you can be proud of this. Maybe there’s also a goal that doesn’t seem to suit you? That’s also okay. Leave this goal for what it is and move on to the next one.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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