The reasons why you should eat cherries more often!

I love fruit. It’s healthy, delicious, and super refreshing for the upcoming summer! Cherries are a huge source of vitamins and minerals. These are the six different health benefits of cherries!

  1. Antioxidants

It’s often said that the darker the colour of the fruit, the healthier it is. This is also true for cherries. Cherries get the dark red colour because of the anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that have a number of health benefits. For example, they reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent damage to body cells (which can eventually lead to diseases). There’s also a lot of vitamin C in cherries so that your body produces more collagen and your skin becomes and/or stays firmer.

2. Sports recovery

Cherries contain antioxidants and reduce inflammation in the body. Due to this combination, muscles will recover faster after an intensive workout and muscle pain will be less. Both frozen and fresh cherries are therefore a very suitable snack for athletes.

3. Sleep

Cherries contain melatonin. This hormone ensures that you fall asleep at night. By eating cherries, you increase the production of melatonin and therefore you can sleep better. Cherry juice, for example, is also sometimes used for insomnia.

Red Cherries on Stainless Steel Bowl

4. Heart diseases

The anthocyanins in cherries reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The good cholesterol goes up, while the bad cholesterol goes down. Cherries also contain potassium, which lowers blood pressure.

5. Arthritis and gout

Cherries, therefore, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. This could also have a positive effect on joint pains. In arthritis, the joints are inflamed, and possibly eating cherries or drinking cherry juice could reduce symptoms. However, more research is needed for this. Those who suffer from gout can benefit from eating cherries. Cherries are said to significantly reduce the risk of a gout attack.

6. Vitamins

Cherries are real vitamin bombs. In addition to vitamin C, cherries also contain vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, skin, and immune system.

Close Up Photo of a Cherry Fruits

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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