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Make the most beautiful photos with your phone with these tips!

Are you abroad taking many photos? Or are you working on a photoshoot? I’ll give you some tips for the ‘perfect picture’. This way you can start working as a fully-fledged photographer when you’re abroad! Make sure to take notes!

  1. Clean lens

Perhaps one of the most important and simplest tips! I can hear you think: well duh, that’s logical, right? But in the meantime, unfortunately, this is often forgotten. Think of this as a small reminder. While abroad you often have to deal with a different climate. Therefore, make sure that there’s no dust, sand, or fingerprints on your lens. This way you can take much sharper photos.

2. Use Grid

Composition is important for taking a nice photo when you’re abroad. You can use Grid to easily determine which ‘subject’ should have focus. With Grid, you get two vertical and horizontal lines when taking your photos. This way you can easily see if you’re straightening the photos. Very handy, otherwise you’ll have a crooked skyline. How can you set that up? Go to settings, open ‘camera’ and turn on the option ‘grid’.

3. HDR function

Say hello to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, your new best friend! Do you want to optimise your photo quality quickly and easily? Then enable this automatic function. This function combines light, dark and normal lighting so that HDR ensures optimal exposure. Handy, right? When you use this function and set it to ‘automatic on’, the camera will choose when it’s necessary to use the HDR function.

Close-Up Photo of Mobile Phone

4. Exposure slider

Do you recognise that moment when you want to take a really nice photo, but the light is just too bright or too dark? Don’t worry, the solution is here! You can adjust the light with the exposure slider. How do you do this? When you click on your camera screen to focus a photo, a sun appears on the side. You can slide this up or down so you can change the exposure.

5. Earbuds/AirPods

When you’re abroad, you want to capture the best and most beautiful moments. What a pity it would be if you see your photo back at home and discover that the image has moved because your hands were trembling. Happens to the best. Anyway, the solution of the century: just use your earplugs/AirPods. This way you have a super fast and easy remote control for your photos. You simply hold the earbuds in your hand and use the AirPods or volume buttons of the cable to take a picture. Say goodbye to those blurry photos!

6. Burst mode

Last but definitely not least, is the Burst mode. Sometimes when you’re abroad, you live through a moment that you really don’t want to miss. A unique and special event such as admiring the sunrise from Miradouro de Santa Luzi in Lisbon. The life hack ‘Burst’ has been developed especially for this. This handy feature automatically takes 10 photos per second when you use it. Guaranteed to have an Instagram-worthy snapshot! By simply holding down the button with your finger, you activate the Burst mode. Enough pictures? Then release the button!

Photo of Person Holding Mobile Phone

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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