Slept well but still tired? This could be the reason why!

Everyone experiences it sometimes: after a good night, in which you slept well, you wake up tired in the morning. Of course, everyone has trouble getting up from time to time, but what if you often suffer from this? Can you do something about that?

  1. Don’t sleep enough

One obvious factor is getting too little sleep. You may not even realise that you’re not getting enough sleep. The amount of sleep you need also varies from person to person. While some people need six hours of sleep, others need at least ten hours of sleep to wake up rested. On average, adults need about eight hours of sleep per night. If you suspect you’re getting too little sleep, but are having trouble developing a healthy sleep schedule, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, avoid screens right before going to sleep and don’t drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol in the evening. It’s also important to pay attention to your lifestyle: eat a healthy and varied diet, exercise enough during the day, and try to avoid stress as much as possible.

2. Not enough vitamins

Vitamins are very important for a good night’s sleep. Especially the ‘sleep hormones’ melatonin and tryptophan. Melatonin ensures that you fall asleep and ensures the depth and length of your sleep. To make melatonin and tryptophan, you need zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. So, a lot of vitamins are very important for your body. When your body is deficient in these vitamins, it causes you to sleep less well. If you suspect you have a vitamin deficiency, it’s important to contact your doctor. Don’t just take vitamins on your own. Only your doctor can tell you which vitamin you’re deficient in.

3. Sleep disorder

If you regularly wake up exhausted, even though you’ve had enough sleep and the fatigue is affecting your day, you may have a sleep disorder. These often affect your sleep without you realising it. If you suspect you’ve got a sleep disorder, it’s important to contact your doctor. Examples of sleep disorders are:

  • Snoring
  • Teeth grinding
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Delayed sleep phase syndrome

4. Tips to wake up rested

Of course, when you wake up tired, there doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. There are a number of simple tips that you can use to counteract it.

  • Keep your own biological clock in mind: make sure you get up and go to sleep at the same time every day (including weekends).
  • If you wake up right before the alarm goes off, it’s better to get up and not go back to sleep. If you choose to continue sleeping, you’ll wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle.
  • Do you wake up tired? Then make sure you see enough light and go for a walk outside. Light therapy can also help.
  • A regular morning routine can also help you wake up less tired. Your body performs the same activities at the same time every day. This lets your body know that you need to wake up.
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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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