The health benefits of eating pumpkin

The leaves are falling from the trees, and there’s wind and rain, but luckily you can also enjoy stews, pumpkin-spiced foodies, and actual pumpkins. I know it’s lovely to carve them for Halloween, but do keep some to eat as they contain lots of health benefits! Pumpkin is low in calories but packed with vitamins.… Continue reading The health benefits of eating pumpkin



Halloween creatures and the origin of their names

Many different Halloween creatures stalk the streets for trick-or-treating- during Halloween. And so, for the horror-loving (word) nerds among us, these strange and far-flung origins of these monster names might be exactly what you want to know! Witches This word originates from Old English. The earliest one refers to a male practitioner of sorcery and… Continue reading Halloween creatures and the origin of their names


Leuke en makkelijke Halloween snacks

Ik heb een aantal lekkere, creepy en easy Halloween snacks voor je verzamelt voor 31 oktober. Ben je geen ster in bakken en/of koken? Deze snacks zijn heel makkelijk, dus ze verpesten is bijna onmogelijk!  CHOCO SPEKJES Wat heb je nodig: Marshmallows Smeltchocolade Halloween decoratie Stokjes Hoe maak je het: Prik de stokjes in de marshmallows en… Continue reading Leuke en makkelijke Halloween snacks