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How to make sure your clothes won’t be static? Here’s how!

You’re not only suffering from static hair more often during the winter but also from a statically charged outfit. This is due to the dry air that’s released when the heating is on. You can get rid of your static clothing with these tips!

  1. Increase the humidity

Provide a higher humidity. If there’s enough moisture in the air, there’s less static electricity. The ideal humidity is between 40 and 60 percent.

2. Pick leather soles

Wearing rubber-soled shoes causes you to build up an electrical charge. If you replace these with leather soles, you’ll see that you’re no longer static.

3. Touch grounded material

Touching grounded metal is the fastest way to get rid of the electrical charges. Think, for example, of a heating pipe, metal fence, or plant. This way you’re no longer electrically loaded.

4. Use a metal clothing hanger

As you know, touching grounded metal makes you uncharged. You can also use a metal clothing hanger for this. The electrical charge is then held back.

Hanged Clothes Hanger

5. Put your clothes in the freezer

It may sound weird, but it does help. If you put your clothes in the freezer, they lose their electrical charge. Half an hour is enough for a big difference.

6. Safety pin in a pocket or seam

To ensure that you’re no longer statically charged, you can put a safety pin in the seam or pocket of your garment. The metal discharges and you won’t get any shocks.

7. Use plant spray

In addition to antistatic spray, you can also use a plant sprayer with water. Spray a small amount of water on the areas where your clothes stick to your skin. You’ll see that you’re no longer static! Don’t have a plant sprayer? Then you can also apply body lotion.

Crop woman spraying water on flowers

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