The signs that your dog loves you

Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to hear him/her say it, but if your dog shows this behaviour, you can be sure that he/she loves you just as much as you love him/her!

  1. Welcome home!

When your dog runs right up to you when you get home, and wags its tail violently, it’s clear: he/she loves you.

2. Staring

Dogs that stare deeply at you actually want to “cuddle” through their eyes. The substance oxytocin is then produced: also called the ‘cuddle hormone. This means that he or she’s completely attached to you.

3. Bring you their toy

This shows that your dog sees you as a friend and that he/she thinks you must really like the toy, just like he/she does. This can also indicate that they want to play.

4. Yawn at the same time

Does your dog always yawn at the same time as you? This isn’t because it’s contagious: they only do this to people they care about.

5. Cuddle after eating

If your dog does this, you can assume that he/she loves you and values ​​your existence. Dogs often sense exactly when you’re feeling sad or tense. Often your dog will curl up close to you for a nice cuddle.

6. Name

Of course, a dog knows his or her own name, but does your dog react enthusiastically when it hears your name? Then this is a very good sign. Your dog sees you as his or her favourite person.

Two Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

7. Broken stuff

If a dog brings a toy that’s broken, he or she shows that he or she trusts you. Your dog trusts your intelligence that you can fix this.

8. Eating

Does your dog often sit with you when you eat? I’m not talking about begging for food. Your dog often wants to protect you when you’re eating.

9. Together

Some dogs are very observant and if you take the family for a walk, he or she will keep an eye on everyone. As soon as someone starts walking faster or softer, your dog will respond to this. He or she likes to keep everyone together.

10. Face

If your dog rubs his or her face against yours, it’s often a sign that he or she likes you.

11. Lazy

Sometimes a dog can become a bit restless when you lie down on the couch to rest. He or she’s afraid that you’re not well and will, for example, lick your face to see if everything’s okay.

Adult Brown Gordon Setter and Pug

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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