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The amount of sleep you need according to your zodiac sign

Sleep, one of the basic needs of a human to get through the day. And I know that everyone has a different amount of sleep they need. Some only need six hours, others eight. And your zodiac sign seems to play a big role in that too!


They often don’t have a specific time to head to bed. Yet they always make sure they get seven hours of sleep. This helps them to relax and feel more balanced during the day.


People with this zodiac sign have a lot of imagination. They often dream in their sleep but are also a star in daydreaming. To ensure that this doesn’t happen too often during the day, it’s good for people with this zodiac sign to sleep nine hours a day.


This zodiac sign doesn’t like to sit still, they want to move around. Therefore, these people function well on six and a half hours of sleep.


They need seven hours of sleep. It’s also important for them to exercise and to watch their diet. This zodiac sign is a sound sleeper, so there’s a good chance they’ll be sleeping more than seven hours.

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Since this zodiac sign likes to socialise and chat, they need a little more sleep than others. It’s best for them to go to bed as early as possible and get eight hours of sleep.


They often sleep restlessly and dream a lot. This zodiac sign needs its rest to process emotions. For this reason, it’s good to sleep for about nine hours.


This zodiac sign loves a power nap. They don’t necessarily have to sleep long, as long as they can take enough naps in between.


Since this zodiac loves hard work, they see sleep as a waste of time. Still, it’s wise to sleep for about seven hours, to stay productive and fresh.

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Few zodiac signs love sleep as much as this one. This is because they’re always there for others. They only have time to take care of themselves when they sleep. This zodiac sign functions best with eight hours of sleep.


If they don’t get enough sleep, they’ll notice it right away the next day. That’s why it’s important to get about seven hours of sleep.


This zodiac sign is very contradictory when it comes to sleep. On the one hand, they love a nighttime adventure, but on the other hand, they need nine hours of sleep. To make sure they don’t have trouble getting up early, they make the most of the weekends by sleeping in.


With this zodiac sign, they don’t need much sleep. If they sleep for six hours, they have had enough rest. Because they’re ambitious and like to discover the world, they take the fatigue for granted.

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