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What to do when there’s thunder near you?

I’m not afraid of thunder. I think it’s something very beautiful and sometimes even go outside when it happens. But there are people who’re definitely afraid of thunder. They often always take measures, some find this unnecessary. But, is it really?

  1. Make sure you’re inside if the (dangerously claimed) thunderstorm reaches you. Your home is a safe place.
  2. Place your car, if possible, under a sturdy roof or, preferably, in a shed or garage. This way you prevent damage to your car.
  3. If lightning has struck somewhere close by, or you feel so unsafe that you suspect it, squat down with your feet together. Place your hands over your ears and put your head between your knees. Make yourself as small as possible and try to make as little contact with the ground as possible.
  4. If you’re on the road by car, you’re virtually in no danger. The car carries the power to the ground. But then the doors and windows must be closed!
  5. If you’re on the water, you’re safe below deck. However, it’s highly recommended to have a lightning rod on the boat in the form of metal cables that lie with the end in the water.
  6. Are you in an open field? Then you have to make yourself as small as possible. Put your feet as close to each other as possible, in connection with the so-called step tension. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be fatal for cows or horses.
  7. Never hide under a tree. Tall objects are more likely to get hit because they conduct electricity better than air. If lightning strikes a tree, there’s a good chance that the tree will explode due to the great resistance that the current experiences in the trunk.
  8. In a forest it’s best to take cover, low to the ground (squatting) in a place where many small trees are together.
  9. A tent is absolutely not safe. Immediately seek other shelter such as a car or building.
  10. A room with a roof and walls offers good protection against lightning strikes. Stay away from windows as they can jump due to the impact and energy of an impact in your area.
  11. Indoors, you can safely use your mobile phone or home phone without a cord. Don’t use powered laptops and other electronics. These devices can cause physical damage during an impact.
  12. Don’t remove plugs from the socket during, but before the thunderstorm. And if it has already started, as soon as possible. In this way you limit damage to equipment.
  13. During a thunderstorm, don’t wash your hands, don’t shower or bathe and leave the dishes and laundry until after the thunderstorm.
Lightning and Gray Clouds

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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