Sports myths that don’t make any sense

There are so many tips on the internet that have to do with sports, that you sometimes don’t see what’s real and what isn’t. Did you know that there are myths about sports that are completely untrue? We’ll learn about them today!

  1. It only works to workout 24/7

Many people say that you’ll only see results if you exercise very hard and often. But that’s not true. Especially if you’re a beginner, it’s important to build a sports rhythm at your own pace. Exercising frequently and intensively seems to be the ideal solution, but as soon as you stop doing so, you’re back to square one. Plus, you also need to give your body enough rest to allow the muscles to recover (that’s where the muscle pain comes from). Take it easy, because that’s precisely what ensures the best results!

2. Sweat means you’re doing it well

Unfortunately, sweating doesn’t mean you’ve had a great workout. The fact that you sweat a lot has to do with regulating your body temperature. And you don’t even have to move to sweat. And although sweating stinks, it’s also very healthy! Because the ‘waste products’ are separated from your body in this way!

3. The key to success is running

Of course, running is a good work-out, because it improves your condition. Plus, you’re much more comfortable in your own skin. But it can also cause serious injuries much faster. How come? Often due to the use of the wrong shoes or incorrect technique. Oh, and change is good for your body by the way! So alternate running with other types of workouts!

Person Holding Barbell

4. Strength training makes masculine shapes

You often hear that women are afraid of strength training. Why, you’re probably wondering. They think they’ll get a male body, but that’s not the case. A woman’s body forms completely differently because of their hormones and physique. Look, if you’re going to lift weights at a professional level, it’s a different story. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect way to feel better about yourself!

5. A six pack can only be made with abdominal exercises

Would you like a six pack, or at least something similar? Then you shouldn’t only focus on abdominal exercises. That may sound strange, but it’s genetically determined whether you grow abs, and then also how quickly you do it. Just train your whole body and pay attention to your abs every now and then. But don’t overdo it!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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