Different types of parents

We all have parents, otherwise we wouldn’t have entered this world. Parents are the ones who do everything out of love for you, and they want the best for you. Every parent has a different way of raising their kids. Therefore, I’ll discuss the different types of parents.

  1. Grounded/detention

You have those parents who just always ground you, sometimes without a real explanation. Often when they’re annoyed about something, they just can’t think of any other appropriate punishment than to ground you. Which is very unfair.

2. ‘You’re still a child’

Of course you’ll always be the little girl or boy of your parents, but in this case they just really can’t accept that you grow up. Letting go is difficult, and you will always remain small in their eyes.

3. Overprotective

You have parents who’re very caring about you, but also very concerned at the same time. They text and ask where you are, and always want to know what time you’ll be home. Your safety and well-being is the most important.

4. Strictness

You also have parents who have rules and want you to follow them. After all, you live under their roof. You have to be home before curfew, at that time dinner will be served and your bedtime starts at the same time by default. In the long run it even becomes a routine.

5. Asking for permission

You have parents who always want to know what you’re going to do, when and with whom. And do you want to leave? Then you need to ask your parents first, and hope they agree. And sometimes you even have to use other techniques to get a yes from them.

6. Not caring

You also have parents who have children, but don’t really care about them at all. They sometimes just forget you’re there, don’t want to help you, and don’t care about you. It makes you feel unwanted.

Person Holding Hands

7. Nosey

Then you have the parents who want to know everything about you. What your grades are, who you hang out with, what you do behind your computer, even who you have sex with! It’s difficult to have a life of your own, because they always follow you like real detectives.

8. Spoiled

You also have the parents who’re quite rich, and can therefore give their child all kinds of toys and things. They like to show their love in the form of toys, and give their child everything the heart desires. But it can also become spoiled and conceited, so be careful with that. The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you have. Not stuff, but family.

9. Cheap

You have parents who sometimes don’t have enough money, and reuse many things. It takes quite some time before something’s thrown away, and a torn pair of pants can be easily repaired. After all, it’s just as good as new, right?

10. Favourite kids

You have parents who have multiple children, and then develop preferences through the behaviour of their children. For example, it can happen that they ‘love’ the nerd of the family ‘more’ than the rebellious kid. It certainly is unfair, because you should love all your children unconditionally, regardless of character.

11. Fashionable and hip

You also have parents who try to keep up with the latest trends, hoping to master the youth language and thus connect more with their child(ren). After all, isn’t it really dope when your dad receives a fat money wage again?

12. Mommy’s child

They make sure that their child should never worry. They ensure that the child can continue to live at home so that it doesn’t yet have to experience the misery of the large human world, that the child doesn’t have to go to work and that they can live carefree. Will your child ever stand on his/her own two feet?

Person Holding Baby's Feet

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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