Easy workouts for beginners to do at home and outside

I know the quarantine life is taking its toll on our health, seeing as the gym is more closed than open and we sit on our bums most of the time. I know most people hate working out, but it’s important to stay healthy and to keep moving. You don’t want to damage your muscles and organs, now do you? So, how can you get started when you’ve never worked out before or have taken a long time off and need to start over? Well, I’m here to help!

Bodyweight training

You don’t need any special heavy gym equipment to burn calories and get stronger muscles. Take 10 to 15 minutes to do 5 incline push-ups. What that means? Against a surface that allows your body to be at an incline. After that, do 5 chair squats and 5 walking lunges. Or, you could do 5 stationary lunges holding onto the counter for support. Repeat all 3 segments 2 to 3 times.

Chair workout

If you’re not comfortable standing for a long time, you can grab a sturdy chair and complete some of the following segments: seated slides back and forth, seated outer thighs, leg extensions, seated ball taps, inner thigh squeezes, lat pull with band, chest squeeze with med ball, seated lateral raises, overhead press, biceps curls, triceps extensions with bands, seated rotation for abs.


Put on some music, grab a partner or go solo and groove for at least 15-30 minutes. Say someone spots you whilst looking inside, you can just ask them to join you outside. Safe dancing, everyone gets some exercise done.

Online workouts

Seeing as we can’t go to the gym that easily, exercising at home is the way to go. And there are tons of free, good online workouts out there. Most of them are easy ones for beginners as well. Plus, who doesn’t want the privacy provided by doing it at home? Close your blinds though.

Anonymous slender female athlete tying shoelaces near sport accessories

Shadow boxing

Say dancing isn’t your thing, you can always do this instead. It’s basically throwing punches at an imaginary opponent. As a boxer myself, in quarantine, I do this all the time. It keeps your muscles strong and keeps your limbs moving.

Jogging and aqua jogging

Jogging is an excellent way of keeping your legs occupied and burning some calories. Though, some don’t like this and prefer a different form of jogging. What you could try, is aqua jogging/pool running. Public pools often provide the blue belt you need to keep your upper body afloat. You can then simply walk without letting your feet touch the pool’s bottom. And if you don’t have a belt, you can walk in the water with your feet on the floor.


Take a ride around the neighbourhood or find a long path that’ll keep you occupied for a good 20 to 30 minutes. Preferably a path without lights and traffic to cause you to stop pedaling.


You can structure this activity by turning it into a 30-minute walking workout. Walk slowly for about 5 minutes, pick up your pace for 20 minutes and cool it down with walking slowly for about 5 minutes.

Faceless athlete resting after intensive jogging

Love, Deem ❀

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20 thoughts on “Easy workouts for beginners to do at home and outside

  1. I don’t know what it is about home workouts but they wear me out more than the gym in less time. I’ll keep at it but it takes some real dedication.

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  2. Being a fan of workouts (specially at home) loved your post :). Walking is my favourite while listening to great music. Also I love to try various workouts (of course, at home at this pandemic time).

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