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Woke up with a swollen face? This is what you can do about it

Have you ever wondered why your face is swollen in the morning after a night of sleep? There can be several reasons for this. From gravity to genes and from alcohol to too much salt, this makes your face puffier in the morning!

  1. Gravity

A common reason for a puffy face in the morning is gravity. During the day, the fluids in our body go down because we stand and sit. This gives you, for example, those annoying swollen feet. The same thing actually happens at night: because you lie down, there’s a greater chance that your face will swell up a bit and you’ll see that in the mirror in the morning.

2. Genes

Does your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather suffer from bags under the eyes, and does he or she suffer from a swollen face rather quickly? Then there’s a good chance that you also suffer from this. So, blame your genes!

3. Too much sodium

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about gravity and ‘wrong’ genes. However, there are also factors that can cause a swollen face in the morning, which you can do something about. One of these is sodium, which is found in many foods because it’s an important part of salt. Sodium contributes to the fluid balance in your body. When you take in too much of it, you can retain more fluid. It’s, therefore, better to leave unhealthy foods that have a lot of salt added to them.

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4. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can also cause you to wake up in the morning with a swollen face. Alcohol dries out your body, causing you to retain moisture in your face. As a result, your face often swells up after a night out and a few wines.

5. Two pillows

Of course, you can’t do anything against gravity itself, but if your face swells quickly at night, you can choose to sleep on two pillows. As a result, your head is slightly higher, so moisture can accumulate less quickly in your face.

6. Cooling

It’s better to wash your face with cold water in the morning and evening. This is a quick and effective way to prevent a puffy face. It can also be useful to keep your skincare products in the fridge. For example, consider an eye cream that you apply under your eyes in the morning and in the evening. Rolling a cold facial roller over your skin can also prevent a swollen face.

7. Tips

Has the damage already been done and you wake up with a swollen face? Then place a cooled tea bag on the swollen spots. These reduce swelling. It is best to choose green tea or black tea. It can also help to move. This stimulates your blood circulation so that the moisture in your face can be drained faster.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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