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Want to stop procrastinating? Here’s how to do that!

You know you have to answer that one email or file your taxes, yet you keep postponing it telling yourself you’ll do it the next day. If you keep doing this, you’ll never do it. So, let me help you to start doing it instead!

  1. Planning

Have you been going at it for a really long time, and don’t see a way out? Write down all the things you need to do this week. Then divide these into tasks. Write down three tasks for each day of the week. This way you know what to do and when, and you can end your day with peace.

2. Worrying

Some people are most productive in the morning. Are you a morning person? Then do all your tasks in the morning. Do you notice that you only get energy in the afternoon? Then don’t force yourself to get to work in the morning, but start your day with sports, for example, or go for a walk with the dog for half an hour. Your peak moment is simply at a later time of the day and that’s completely fine.

3. Ask for help

Perhaps you prefer to do everything alone and be able to do it alone, but it shows how strong you are if you were to ask for help every now and then. Think about what tasks you can outsource. Perhaps your partner can buy that present for your friend or cook tonight? They’ll probably understand that you can complete your tasks faster this way and that there will ultimately be more time for you together.

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4. Reward yourself

Did you manage to complete the three tasks at the end of the day? Then you should reward yourself. Take a long bath or order your favourite takeaway. This also makes it fun to tackle your procrastination.

5. Set a timer

Sometimes you can spend hours on a task because your mind isn’t there with you. Are you easily distracted or a typical dreamer? Then set a timer for each task you have to do. This way you also know that there’s an end time associated with the task and you get extra motivated to finish it.

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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