Date ideas for autumn!

Going on a romantic date with your partner? While it’s autumn? Here’s a list made by Lisa with a few ideas for a fun and unforgettable date!

  1. Camping

Rent a tent or a cottage and book a weekend away in the middle of nature. Take a long, fresh walk and hear the fine crackling of the leaves under your shoes. Once back, you’ll warm up by a roaring fire. In the evening you snuggle under a blanket and watch a romantic film.

2. Baking and cooking

Autumn is the ideal season to dive into the kitchen together. Bake a delicious apple pie or try out new recipes together. First, do the shopping together and then divide the tasks in the kitchen. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the end result together!

3. Drinking coffee

There’s bound to be a nice coffee shop nearby, which you can walk to. Don’t forget to order a nice pastry with it!

4. Scary film

In the autumn, compared to the summer, it’s slightly more exciting to watch a scary film. Especially around Halloween, there will be plenty of scary films in the cinema and at home.

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5. Lie in bed

In the summer, there’s often a lot to do and it’s often a shame (or too hot) to stay in bed all day. In autumn, the rain is often a great excuse not to leave the house. Crawl into bed together, watch a series, read your favourite books and take some time for each other. End the day with pizza in bed.

6. Cheese fondue

Do you love cheese? Go cheese fondue together! Much more romantic than going out for dinner, and it’s very simple. You can often find handy packages, especially for fondue in supermarkets. Serve with some bread and a bottle of red wine.

7. Amusement park

Do you like roller coasters and/or the magic of an amusement park in winter? Then this is definitely a suitable date.

8. Spa day

Maybe you both need a little relaxation? Book a day in the sauna or spa and completely relax together!

Free Unrecognizable multiracial couple with takeaway hot drink and croissant lying on white plaid with opened book during picnic in autumn day Stock Photo

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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