Reasons to exercise in the evening!

Are you not much of a morning person and do you prefer to exercise in the evening? That actually comes with great advantages and benefits! I’ve listed them for you!

  1. More energy

An advantage of exercising later in the day is that you probably have a little more energy left than you have in the morning. Because your body temperature is higher, you’ll have more strength and are way more flexible.

2. Mental energy

If you’re not a morning person, that’s totally okay. By exercising at times that you feel comfortable with, you’ll also enjoy it more and this is what it’s all about in the end.

3. Flexible muscles

At the end of the day, your muscles will probably feel more flexible because they’ve already warmed up a bit. Your nervous system is already activated, giving you the feeling that the workout is easier than in the morning.

4. Digestion

A big advantage of exercising after dinner is that your digestion works better. This’ll remove any bloated feeling.

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5. Reduces stress

That annoying comment from a colleague or that deadline that’s getting closer and closer? Ending your day with a workout ensures that your feelings of stress decrease. You take a break, after which you can start a relaxing evening.

6. Better night’s sleep

A good workout ensures a tired body and a rested mind. The perfect way to end your day and lower your stress hormones.

7. Pride

Sometimes you have those days when nothing seems to work and everything goes wrong. Completing a workout can make you feel much better then.

8. Time for yourself

If you’re busy all day with your work and the people around you, the evening can be the right time to take some time for yourself. A workout in the evening can provide a sense of peace and calm.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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