Fun facts about Detroit: Become Human

I’ve been in an awesome community for over 3 years now, and that community began after a game called DBH came out. All the more reason to share some fun facts about this wonderful game that gifted me so many amazing friends!

  1. The origin of Kara

In Detroit: Become Human, Kara is introduced as one of the three main characters, a housekeeper android recently purchased to care for a young girl. But she was actually first introduced in a self-titled PS3 tech demo in 2012. In fact, according to David Cage, that demo was the inspiration for making Detroit: Become Human, because he wanted to see how such a story would go beyond what was shown in the demo. It’s never quite revealed whether Kara was the same Android in-game as she was in the demo, but Markus can also find another Android of the same model on a scrap yard, singing the same song she had sung in the demo.

2. The Terminator

The second playable character in the game is a police investigator android named Connor. He’s brought in by the Detroit Police Department to help investigate the emergence of several anomalous androids in the city. But the character has been noticed by eagle-eyed players because it has several references to a film about a real-life robot, The Terminator. And like the robot of the same name in that film, Connor shares a similar serial number (RK800 vs. T-800). He also shares the same last name with the protagonists of that series, Sarah and John Connor. Finally, one of the unlockable trophies in the game is even named after the iconic phrase uttered by The Terminator in the film, “I’ll Be Back.”

3. Markus’ model

The third and final main character is Markus, an Android caretaker and the only one of the three main protagonists to feature prominently in the game’s cover art. This would imply that he was in fact considered the main character of the story. Early in the game, he’s thrown into a scrap yard after being picked up by the police for assaulting a human. This would serve as a catalyst for his ascension to leader of the Android Rebellion. This rise in facts reflects that of the Thracian gladiator, Spartacus, one of the inspirations for the character. Inspiration was also drawn from other historical figures such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Prototypes

Unlike Kara, which was already in mass production when the game started, both Connor and Markus are prototypes. The former was designed to help police track down anomalous androids, while the latter was donated to its owner, Carl Manfred, a famous Detroit painter who was crippled in an accident. This seemed to imply that both androids were unique, unlike the other androids you encountered during the adventure. However, Connor can be replaced at various points during the game whenever the player chooses an option that results in his death. It’s eventually revealed that there were in fact hundreds of that particular model ready for use in a CyberLife factory, and the player must battle one of them.

5. Deaths

At various points during the game, players must determine the fate of each character. And depending on the choices they make, it could even lead to their death. If you die at some point, that particular character’s part of the story ends. The developers have kept their promise that there will be no traditional Game Over screens in the game, meaning the story will continue regardless of what happens to the character. Of the three main characters, only Connor is unable to actually die, as his consciousness is transferred into a different body each time.

6. Kara’s make-over

Early on in the game, after escaping with a young girl named Alice, the player has the choice to change Kara’s appearance to avoid being captured by the police. They can choose from four hair colours: black, white, blonde, and brown, and they can have her hair cut short to the same length as in the PS3 demo. There were plans for further customisation options, such as the style and colour of her clothing, during the game’s development, but these were eventually dropped for the final game.

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7. Villain

While it’s possible to make both good and bad choices throughout the game, Connor is the only main character capable of achieving true villain status. Players can successfully circumvent his deviation and make sure he remains a machine. In contrast, the other two characters will always have redeeming qualities that prevent them from straying too far into the dark side. Kara will always have Alice’s safety as her number one priority, even if she may be willing to put others in danger. As for Markus, he can be seen as an anti-hero at worst, starting a full-blown war with the humans but always wanting the best for his fellow androids.

8. RA9

Markus appears to be RA9, or at least this is what’s strongly implied in the game, depending on the choices the player makes during their particular playthrough. But who or what exactly is RA9, and why is Markus the most likely candidate? Throughout the game, the deviant androids continue to make references to this messiah-like figure. Some believe that RA9 was the first android to become a deviant, while others consider it the one that would eventually rise to free them from their human oppressors. And of the three main characters, Markus is the one that most closely fits the second description. His storyline mirrors that of the character spoken of in the prophecy.

9. Crossing paths

The three characters only cross paths once. This happens during the Crossroads chapter when Markus, Connor, and Kara all make their way to Jericho, an abandoned ship that served as a safe haven for anomalous androids. And while not all three of them meet, Markus meets both Connor and Kara separately. None of the three voice actors who played the main characters met during the game’s production; this was due to scheduling conflicts and their performances with each other were simply stitched together during editing.

10. Connor as a leader

Although initially positioned as a pursuer of all deviant androids, Connor can grow over the course of the game to embrace his own deviance, increasingly sympathising with their struggle and purpose. So of the three protagonists, he’s the one with the potential for the most change. Players basically have to choose between making that change or staying a machine. But some players may be surprised to learn that he can become the leader of the Android Rebellion by the end of the game. This only happens when Markus dies and Connor becomes deviant enough to take his place, making it one of the more mind-boggling endings.

11. Little fun facts

  • One of the chapters is titled “Midnight Train”. This is a refrence to the 1981 Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin'”, which also takes place in Detroit.
  • The quote “An eye for an eye and the world goes blind” comes from “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”, often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Jesse Williams (Markus) and Minka Kelly (North), who play romantic interests, dated for a period of time in real-life after meeting on this game.
  • Audrey Boustani, who plays Alice, also Plays Emma. (The Hostage Girl at the beginning of the Game)
  • In the chapter “Battle for Detroit” when walking with Kara & Alice a movie theatre can be seen. “Heavy Rain” is listed as one of the films currently showing. “Omikron: The Nomad Soul” is also referenced.
  • Amelia Rose Blaire (The Tracis) and Bryan Dechart (Connor) are married in real life.
  • Bryan Dechart came up with the serial number on Connor’s jacket, 313 248 317-51. He explained in a Twitch stream that 313 stands for the Detroit area code, 248 for his home area code, 317 for his birthday, 5 for the number of people in his family, and 1 standing for the first Connor. The last number goes up by one every time a Connor dies.
  • Each main character (Kara, Connor and Markus) has their own theme music composed specifically for them. Which, like the camera work, was a way to differentiate one character from another.
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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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