New Year’s resolutions we can all try!

2021 ends in two days, and most people have already been working on their resolutions. Although people often fail to stick to them, some don’t even start. However, this list contains a number of resolutions that we can all easily try!

  1. Organise your wardrobe: winter clothes, summer clothes. Organise colours, the type of garment, size, you name it.
  2. Visit your family at least once a week, those you hardly see. Your grandma and grandpa, your aunt, cousins. Or maybe even your parents/siblings.
  3. Less sugar in your tea or coffee. It’s not only much healthier, but also ensures that your teeth stay in your mouth for a long time.
  4. Drink more than 1 liter of water in a day. People often do it with coffee, tea or soft drinks. But doing it with water is still the best.
  5. Spend less time on social media. Put your phone away more often, turn off your Wi-Fi or remove certain apps. Create rest in your head and environment.
  6. Make your bed neatly every morning. This way, you go to sleep with a good feeling and you have the idea that your bed has been completely renewed.
  7. Do a major cleaning at least once a week. Your room, the bathroom, the kitchen. You name it. Everything gets a thorough overhaul.
  8. Save more money. Whether you do it for a holiday, a new car, a house. It can be for anything. Set aside a few pounds every week.
  9. Read 1 book per month. It provides peace of mind and gives you a new world to dream away in. Or to sit on the edge of your seat and scream. Either works.
  10. Send a card to someone. Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, a birth, a graduation ceremony or a funeral: a self-written card is always appreciated.
  11. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Tell what’s on your mind when someone asks you. Dare to speak up and stand up for yourself!
  12. Be proud of the work you do. Even though it may not be perfect, there are always elements in it that turned out really well. Focus on that!
  13. Donate old clothes and give them away to charity. You can also do this with old toys that you no longer use.
  14. Do your homework on time. If you do it right when you get home, chances are you’ll still remember what has been taught earlier. And it saves a lot of anxiety and stress when your exam comes closer.
  15. Go out more often, hang out with friends and do fun things. Don’t just focus on school and work. Have fun! (If Covid allows it…)

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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