Different types of people at a New Year’s Eve party

It’s almost 2022! Whether you’re having a party with friends or celebrating with family, you’ll definitely come across these types! And if you’re not going to do anything in regards to Corona, maybe you’ll recognise these types from previous years!

  1. The ‘do you remember this?’ person

Do you remember when we went on vacation together? Or that concert we attended this year? This person remembers every detail of the past year and would like to reminisce with you. Even the embarrassing moments.

2. The fanatic

This person is way too excited for the coming year. Every social media message ends with something like: ‘looking forward to 2022!’ This person literally counts down to the next new year after the new one has just begun.

3. ‘See you next year!’

Oh, that joke. The last week of December, the day before the new year begins, the person has to make this comment. Very funny…

4. The New Year’s Resolutions person

‘I’m going to the gym more often in 2022’ and ‘I’m going to do my best at school.’ Yes, you say that every year, and it doesn’t happen.

5. The photographer

This person wants to take a picture of everything. The last photo of 2021! And the first photo of 2022! Yes, okay, 2 photos are fine. But that’s more than enough.

6. The party pooper

This person doesn’t like to party, and is definitely not looking forward to the New Year. And when something goes wrong, that person flips out too.

7. The sleeper

There’s always that one person who can’t keep his/her eyes open until the clock strikes 12. You miss the countdown! Wake up!

8. The fireworks lover

This person must show everyone what kind of fireworks they’ve brought into their home. Ready to start the year with a bang. But um, will you be careful?

9. The TV-watcher

This person would like to see all the New Year’s specials on TV. Even the comedians’ New Year’s Eve conferences.

10. The party animal

We all know someone who likes to party all night, once the new year has started. Just drink a glass of wine, and another, and another! I bet you’ll have a hangover on the first day of the year!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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