You’ll recognise this when you go to bed early

One is a morning person, the other a night owl. But you also have the types that are called the ‘early-to-bed’ people. Their bedroom is the most sacred place in the house. If these points sound familiar to you, then you’re an early-to-bed person!

  1. During a film night you try to stay awake, but before you know it you’re in dreamland. Not that the film is boring, but you just couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer.
  2. Meet up with a friend the night before you have to go back to work? No, you’d rather not. You only meet up with friends on Friday or Saturday evening. Then you know for sure that you can rest the next day.
  3. What are your plans for the evening? You say you don’t know, but you actually do know: you’ve planned the whole evening, go to bed early and watch Netflix.
  4. At parties you try to keep your hand in front of your mouth as best you can, because you can’t stop yawning. You’re not necessarily tired and you don’t find the party boring, but you’re often already in bed by this time.
  5. You often leave the party around the time when everyone’s starting to loosen up. Sorry guys, you’ve done your best… There’s no point in persuading you to stay longer, because you won’t.
  6. Wait, the party doesn’t start any earlier than 10 p.m? Gosh, that’s way too late… You often get ready to go to bed at that time. Hopefully you have a good stamina for this evening…
  7. To the cinema? Nice! As long as it’s in the morning or afternoon. Films always play late at night, and then you’re afraid you’ll fall asleep in the cinema.
  8. You look up to New Year’s Eve. The one day when you actually have to stay up all night. And that’s real torture for you.
  9. Your series often airs late, so you have to catch up the next day. That means you run the risk of spoilers: so be careful who you talk to and where you look on your phone!
  10. Even if there was a violent storm in the evening, you wouldn’t notice it. And if there’s a storm, you’ll just sleep through it.
  11. If people text you in the evening, you don’t respond until the next day. Yes, your phone goes off around 10 o’clock. Everything that comes in after that is only seen upon awakening.
  12. You love pajamas. As soon as you have eaten dinner, you put them on. You’re immediately comfortable and if you get tired, you can go straight to bed. Ideal!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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