The things you recognise if you hate losing

There are a lot of board games in the world. Fun board games, informative games, battle games, etc. Of course, it’s nice when you win, but losing isn’t a disaster either. Yet that’s the case for some people. If you can’t handle losing, you’ll recognise this!

  1. Blaming

You know that you’re going to lose, so you blame your opponents for your oncoming loss. Because it’s all up to them, completely up to them.

2. Excuses

You prefer to stop immediately, so you start making up all kinds of excuses to stop the game, just so you don’t lose.

3. Raise your voice

Something suspicious happens, and you immediately raise your voice. You claim that your opponents are cheating so you can buy yourself some time.

4. Denial

The game is over and you have lost. Very slowly you start to freak out, but you claim you can still take your loss. Uhm, are you sure about that?

5. There goes the board

Sometimes it hurts so much that you’ve lost that you knock the board game off the table. All cards, pawns and dice fly across the room.

6. Done playing

You’re annoyed all day long once you lose. You really don’t feel like playing another game and sit in a corner on your phone.

7. Rematch

Okay, you’re in it to try again. Now you have to win, right? The second time is the charm!

8. Cheating

You see that you’re already starting to lose, and so there’s only one option left: cheating. Then you have to win, right?

9. Different game

And… You’ve lost again… Maybe you should pick a game you’re good at? Then you’ll definitely win.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “The things you recognise if you hate losing

  1. My little sister can get really angry when she loses. It’s actually kinda funny when she throws a tantrum like that, though we’re trying to teach her that it’s just a game

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