Excuses you use to postpone exercising

Exercising is very healthy and gives a lot of energy. Yet it remains tempting to lie on the couch with your favourite series. You’ll recognise these excuses 100% if you don’t feel like exercising.

  1. It’s raining

First you have to cycle to the gym in the rain and then doing workouts in wet clothes…? No, never mind. Let’s wait for a day with better weather.

2. Muscle pain

You still feel the muscle pain from last time. Maybe you should take a break after all. You know, give them some rest.

3. A new episode

You just have to watch it. You can’t stand knowing it’s waiting for you, and you really can’t wait an hour before you can watch it.

4. Friends

After all, you don’t prefer sports over your friends. Exercise is important, but so is your social life!

5. Too busy

Now’s not the right time, you still have so much to do: homework, chores, watching an episode, eating, chilling in bed…

6. Too tired

Maybe it’s better to stay home and sleep. Yeah, go to bed early, sleep in, you know the drill. That’s healthy too.

7. Laundry

Well, you can’t exercise without sportswear. Oh, that’s a good reason to go shopping. And that’s technically a workout, right?

8. Sick

You don’t feel so great, maybe you should just stay in bed. Imagine you pass out, that’d be an awkward disaster!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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