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Tips on how to take care of your jeans

Nowadays everyone has a denim item in their closet. But did you know that you should wash jeans as little as possible? When you avoid the washing machine, the quality and colour remain. Stains are therefore best removed with a damp cloth. This isn’t the only rule, there are many more!

  1. Get rid of smells

Do your jeans have a strange or musty smell? You can also solve this without a washing machine. Let the denim hang outside for a day. If it rains outside, you can also remove the ‘stench’ by hanging your jeans in the bathroom while showering. The steam from the shower will make the smell disappear. It has never really been proven, but many people claim that the freezer also removes the bad odors. A night in the freezer is enough for this.

2. Stains

Some stains (such as chewing gum and wax) simply cannot be removed with a damp cloth. You can remove these stains by using a dull knife. The next step is to rub an ice cube on the stain. Do this until the ice melts. The ice makes the stain harder, so you can easily scrape it off with the dull knife.

3. Don’t iron

Don’t iron your jeans! This is especially important with denim with a 3D effect, for example. The fabric may withstand heat, but these effects won’t. Hang up your jeans and let them dry on their own.

4. Washing instructions

Sometimes the tips above don’t work, and then you have no choice but to throw your jeans in the washing machine. When you do this, it’s important that you turn it inside out first. Your jeans can stain in the washing machine. Make sure you wash clothes in the same colour. It’s best to wash only your jeans. Then choose a cold wash program, 30 degrees is sufficient. Don’t put your wet jeans in the dryer, but let them dry inside out.

5. Shrink run-out denim

It often happens that your denim ‘runs out’. It’ll then be looser around your legs and hips. You can fix this by turning your dry jeans inside out and putting them in the dryer. This works especially well with stretch jeans. This can still be risky! Sometimes your jeans shrink more, so be careful with this!

Love, Skye/Lewis/Deem ❤

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