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Hacks for shaving your legs

Women are often expected to shave their legs. And I know that many women find shaving the most annoying thing ever. It takes a lot of time and patience and how often do wounds appear? So, my friend Maggie has some handy hacks for you!

  1. Moderate use of shaving cream

To shave your legs, you only need a thin layer of shaving cream. If you use too much foam, your razor can fill up with foam faster and your hairs can be less well shaved. You also don’t see well which places you still have to shave. Would you rather use something else? Then use shower gel or oil.

2. Razor with three blades

Good razors have three or more blades. Cheap razors often have only two blades and no smooth edge at the top. That smooth edge ensures that you get wounds less quickly.

3. Shave with short strokes

To shave all your hairs, it’s best to make short strokes. When you do long strokes, your razor blade is strewn with hairs halfway through and you’ll leave a lot of hair behind. It may take a little longer, but that’s better than having to do it again.

4. Lukewarm water

As tempting as it is to take a hot shower, it’s better to shower with lukewarm water. The warm water closes your pores. Lukewarm water actually opens the pores, making your hair easier to shave. Another advantage: by showering with lukewarm water, your skin will feel less dry.

5. Scrubbing

Scrub your legs before shaving to remove all dead skin cells. This makes it easier to grab the hairs as soon as you start shaving.

6. Aftercare

After a shave, your skin can use some extra energy. Therefore, apply a moisturizing cream to your legs after shaving. Then choose a body butter or body lotion. Your skin feels even softer now.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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