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The right way to do your skincare routine

Maggie has returned with yet another post that provides tips about your skin. She’s here to guide you through the steps on how and what to apply to your skin. So, let me give the mic to her!

  1. Facial cleansing

The first step of a good skincare routine is to cleanse your face. If you wear makeup, it’s best to go for double cleansing: first ‘melt away’ all your makeup with a special cleansing oil or balm, followed by a water-based cleanser.

2. Exfoliants

An exfoliant removes dead skin cells and ensures that all products you use afterwards are better absorbed. You can go for a physical exfoliant (for example scrubs or a cleaning brush), but also for a chemical with BHA or AHA. ‘Chemical’ may sound bad, but it’s often much gentler on the skin than a physical exfoliant.

3. Toner

A toner balances your skin after exfoliating and preps your skin for the steps that follow. It makes the skin somewhat moist, so that the products that you apply afterwards are better absorbed by the skin.

Person Holding A Face Mask

4. Serums

The next step is to apply your serum. This can also be multiple serums, depending on what your skin needs. Make sure to wait a while with the next product in between, so that it has time to ‘sink’ into your skin.

5. Eye creme

After your serum, apply your eye cream first, and always do this with a soft hand – for example with your little finger. This way you can be sure that you’re not using too much force. The skin under your eyes is sensitive, so be careful.

6. Moisturisers

The penultimate step is to apply your face creams and oils. An essential step in your skincare routine, as it ensures hydrated and soft skin. Don’t forget your neck!

Person Holding White Plastic Bottle

7. SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

Never go out without SPF, even when it’s winter. Sun damage is easily incurred, and you can’t just get rid of it. If your skin is dear to you, the last step is to wear SPF50+ daily.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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18 thoughts on “The right way to do your skincare routine

  1. Lovely way to simplify a complicated world of skincare! Love this post I will definitely have to follow this guide. Thanks for the informative post, i’ve followed you and can’t wait to see your next post! xxxx

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