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How to remove a scorch from your clothes

By ironing your clothes, you naturally hope that you can wear it wrinkle-free again. But during ironing it sometimes goes wrong. You don’t pay attention and your favourite blouse runs into a scorch spot. A real shame of course, but fortunately you can do a number of things to remove it!

It’s important that it’s a light scorch spot. If it’s a large, dark scorch spot, then there’s a good chance that you’ll have to give up the garment.

  1. Container with ice cubes

It can of course happen that you’re distracted for a while or that the iron has a too high temperature. In that case, there may be a scorch spot in your clothes. Try to take action as soon as possible. At first, it’s useful to soak the garment in a container with ice cubes. As a result, the scorch spot can become lighter or in the best case disappear completely.

2. Warm water

Instead of ice cubes, you can also choose to soak your garment in warm water. This allows you to easily remove loose particles from the garment. After that you can clearly see what the damage is on the spot, and you can choose between a number of next steps.

3. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

Mix a little ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and smear a little bit of it on the scorch spot. Leave this on for a few minutes. Is the place still there? Then let the mixture sit a little longer and then wash it out.

4. Detergent

Grab some detergent and rub a little of it over the scorch spot in your clothes. Let it soak in for a while and then wash it out of your garment.

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5. Lemon juice

Rub some lemon juice over the scorch spot and place the garment in the sun. This makes the garment a bit paler. After that, it’s important to wash your garment well. Use this tip only with light-coloured garments.

6. White vinegar

For this tip, you’ll need a little white vinegar. Rub this over the scorch spot and then rinse your garment with cold water. If necessary, you can repeat these steps until the scorch spot is gone.

7. Bleach

If all this hasn’t worked, you can switch to a heavier remedy: bleach. Mix four liters of water with a cap of bleach and soak the garment in it for fifteen minutes. Stir occasionally through the mixture, then wash the garment in the washing machine and hang it outside so that it can dry. Don’t use this tip with wool, silk and mohair and when your clothing is non-colourfast.

8. Silk and wool

Did you get a scorch mark in that one beautiful satin dress? Then you can only apply a little bit of peroxide. Use very little and gently dab the scorch spot with it. Then dry the clothes in the sun. When it comes to wool garment, you can carefully scrape the spot with some sandpaper or a brush.

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