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Unannounced visit? This is how you tidy up your house within a few minutes

Your parents want to come by spontaneously, but the house is a mess. They didn’t call beforehand, not even a text. You may be stressing out at this point, but I’m here to help to tidy up your house within a few minutes!

  1. Remove stuff that doesn’t belong

Focus on the living room, kitchen, and toilet. Remove all things that don’t belong there. Think of dirty laundry, toys, dishes, and/or food leftovers. Throw this all in a container or basket and clean it up later, when you have a little more time. Then take a cloth and wipe away visible stains and spots.

2. Divide tasks

Do you live together? Then divide the tasks. One person cleans up, while the other person dusts and vacuums everything. If necessary, spray some toilet cleaner under the rim of the toilet so that it can soak in.

3. Washable rug

If you have a dog and/or children at home, it can be useful to opt for a washable rug. This way you don’t have to dry clean the rug and you can just put it in the washing machine if there are stains on it.

Free Crop woman dusting lamp during housework Stock Photo

4. Vacuum the couch

By vacuuming your couch and shaking up your pillows, your living room will look a lot fresher and ‘cleaner.’

5. Ventilation

While you clean up, dust a bit, and go through the house with the vacuum cleaner. Open the windows and/or doors so that some fresh air can get in. This way your house will smell and look a lot fresher. You can then light a scented candle.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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