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Problems with your intestines? Try these tips!

Do you ever suffer from a bloated stomach or troubled bowels? You’re certainly not alone. I’m here to try and help you get rid of that nasty feeling!

  1. Warm water with lemon

At dinner, try replacing soda or wine with warm water with lemon. The warm water makes your stomach relax and your gastrointestinal tract will get stimulated. In addition, bloating can be reduced by drinking warm water with lemon. Also, don’t forget that lemon is naturally high in vitamin C.

2. Going for a walk

Sometimes you eat just a little more than you would’ve liked. You experience unpleasant bloating and you may even feel a little nauseous. What always helps is to go for a walk. You make optimal use of your high glucose level and your digestion gets started. After this, you’ll suffer less from cramps and/or gas.

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3. Chew well

I don’t have to tell you that it’s important to chew your food well. If you’re hungry, this isn’t always possible and you want to get as much food as possible as quickly as possible. Research shows that if you focus on every bite you take, you’ll feel full faster and therefore need less food to feel full.

4. Eat small portions

Perhaps you have planned a dinner with a friend in the evening and therefore resolve to eat less during the day. Seems like a good idea, but this is actually very bad for your digestion. Try to eat small portions throughout the day to activate your digestion and metabolism.

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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