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Tips on how to pose for a group photo

We all know the following situation: a group photo that your friend posted on Instagram, where you don’t look good (to say the least). That’s why I have some tips for you, which will ensure that you’ll look great in a group photo!

  1. Your tongue

Not to stick out towards the camera, but to make your jawline look tighter. It may sound a bit crazy, but by pressing your tongue against your palate, you have less trouble with a double chin.

2. The right angle

Avoid poses where your face is directly in front of the camera. It doesn’t matter what lighting there is, there will simply be a shadow that can make your face wider or longer. Sometimes even with a completely different colour. Instead, opt for a pose where your face is photographed from the side.

3. The right pose

Rotate your body 45 degrees and place the arm closest to the camera in your hip. Then put one foot just in front of the other and point your toes towards the camera. Then lean your weight on your back leg and you’re done!

4. Cross your ankles

If the photo is taken from the front, with you looking straight into the camera, cross your ankles from your calves. This pose makes your hips appear narrower and your legs longer.

5. Do your own thing

The secret to a great group photo is a photo in which everyone poses differently. Mainly due to the fact that everyone has a different kind of figure. If everyone were to do the same pose, you’ll compare each other’s figures and determine who stands out best. Not the way you’d like to take a group photo.

6. Laughing

If you laugh too much, it’ll look crazy. But if you don’t laugh at all, it looks like you’re grumpy or not having a good time. The solution? A natural little smile that pops up daily when there’s no camera around. With or without teeth, it doesn’t matter. In any case, don’t smile too broadly, because that makes your eyes look smaller and your cheeks stand forward.

7. Your posture

An upright posture not only makes you look better in photos, it also gives you a strong and confident look!

8. Proportions

Always keep in mind that anything close to the camera will appear larger in the photo.

9. Have fun

Group photos are photos you take with your friends. So don’t forget to have fun while taking the picture. A pose that’s too tight is very stately.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Images source: Pexels


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