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How and what each zodiac sign eats, according to the stars

Each person eats their food differently. Some eat rather quick, some eat with their hands or rather messy. According to the stars, each zodiac sign has a different way of consuming food. So, if you want to compare your own way of eating with your zodiac sign, then today is your lucky day!


Aquarians have a tendency to be very busy and keen with their work, so they forget to eat. And when they get hungry, they start eating junk food. Though, they do remember to eat healthy meals in the morning, starting the day with a nutritious breakfast to prevent them feeding their sweet tooth later in the day.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that they love their seafood. They have a creative mind, which makes cooking a true experiment for them. They have a sensitive digestive system, which means that mild, easy-to-digest foods are ideal for them.


They like things fast, which also applies to their food choices. They want immediate gratification and tasty treats like burgers or alcoholic drinks fit their bill all too well. To keep healthy and trim, they should slow down with their eating habits and try some more balanced, filling meals.


Taureans love their food and they like to eat slowly, savoring every mouthful. They love luxury foods and love trying food from all around the world.

Assorted Sliced Fruits in White Ceramic Bowl


They love variety, which means that they often switch their food choices. Many are blessed with fast metabolism, so they can eat whatever they like without gaining weight (for a while). They love to be social, so they like to combine eating with chatting and they love party food.


They’re kind of an expert in the kitchen. They prefer rustling up a home-cooked meal to going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. They’re deeply sensitive, so eating their emotions away is kind of common and can be a problem for them.


They love the finest foods, such as caviar, lobster, oysters and champagne. They’d rather be out in a fine-dining restaurant than cooking in their own kitchen.


They’re known for their attention to detail, which makes them a wonderful addition to any kitchen. However, they’re often busy and tend to choose quick and convenient food, rather than culinary creations they can create so well.

Close-up of Pizza


You can often find them on Instagram, being one of those foodies. They love to make their meals look beautiful, but it also has to taste great. They often take photos of their meals before eating. They have a sweet tooth, but tend to eat healthy still.


They tend to love spicy food, though they’re more indifferent than most when it comes to food. They have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude. They don’t like anyone coming between them and their food when they’re hungry.


They love food and tend to be adventurous, wanting to travel around the globe so they can taste all dishes from all cultures. They crave variety and are the ones who want to try something new on a menu.


They like their meals on a fixed schedule and tend to dislike too much spiciness or intense flavours. They’re picky, so even a simple dish has to be perfectly prepared for them. Otherwise, they won’t like it.

Person Holding Sliced Vegetable

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