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What your favourite film genre says about your personality

Remember the post I wrote about what kind of personality you have with a certain taste of music? The same goes for films. So, each genre has its own personality traits that can be matched with humans, according to scientists. So, let’s take a look at those, huh? 😉


People who like comedies are creative and disorganised. If comedy fans are anything like the films, they tend to be open and are a lot of fun at parties. Though, they might struggle to find their keys in the morning.


People who like action films are less neurotic. They embrace familiarity and have an inherent stability and predictability that appeals to people who have led their lives in a similarly stable manner.


People who like romance are conscientious, but emotionally unstable. These films attract viewers who live outwardly stable lives but struggle to maintain emotional stability.


People who like fantasy films are good at retaining information. It probably comes as no surprise that fans of fantasy films tend to be more creative and adventurous as the films appeal to the imagination. This allows the brain to think beyond concrete possibility, which makes fans more optimistic and open to new ideas.

Black Camera Film


People who like thrillers are hard to pin down. Some scientists say thriller lovers are more intellectual and enjoy such films because of their ingenuity, competence and quickness.


People who like horror films are intellectual and reckless. They’re also defiant and want to be challenged in terms of getting at the conventional need to feel accepted. Horror fans are often extroverted, conscientious and purposeful, though they can be rather disagreeable at times.

Science fiction

People who like science fiction are rebellious. They want to try to fix things rather with their fists than with their mind. And also want to restore the world if possible, making it a better place for everyone to live in.

Made-for-tv films

People who like made-for-tv films are uncomplicated. According to scientists, fans are also pleasant, empathic, lighthearted, unadventurous and relationship-oriented in characteristics.

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Foreign films

People who like foreign films are artistic. They often prefer jazz and modern art. Fans can see the abstract and artistically focus in such films and use that for their own art.

Sports films

People who like sports films are conservative. More often than not, they’re drawn to sports entertainment as opposed to music or fiction.


People who like documentaries are creative. They’re also extroverted and are often described as enterprising, innovative, intellectual, self-assured and detail-oriented personalities.

Love, Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “What your favourite film genre says about your personality

  1. This is fascinating! What about film noir? I’ve found myself liking that specific genre more and more lately! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some say that it can be connected to being driven by your past and human weakness to repeat former mistakes, which is why people tend to love film noir


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