Books I recommend to read!

I used to read five books in a month, but I don’t have time to even read one book in a month. It’s sad, but that doesn’t mean I have a list of books I wanna read and a few I recommend, which I did read! So, for you book lovers out there: here goes!

1. An Anonymous Girl

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Jessica Ferris just wants to make a little extra cash when she decides to participate in a study on ethics with the mysterious Dr. Lydia Shields. The premise seems simple: Answer a few questions, then collect. But soon the doctor’s questions turn from simple survey queries to something much more sinister—leaving Jess unsure of whom she can trust.

2. The Water Cure

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The book centers on Grace, Lia, and Sky, three sisters who live on an isolated island with their mother and their father, whom they call King. When their father disappears, their lives—as well as everything they’ve been told about the outside world—are upended.

3. The Dreamers

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Set in a Southern California college town, The Dreamers begins with the odd case of a student who walks into her dorm room, passes out, and doesn’t wake up. Soon a second girl falls asleep, then a third, and on it goes. The victims are locked in a heightened dream state, having wild fantasies and hallucinations—all while a group of students, teachers, and doctors struggle to wake them.

4. The Suspect

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This novel centers on what happens when two girls vanish in Thailand. With the girls’ families thrown into the international spotlight, journalists descend to crack the case. But as this thriller unfolds, it becomes clear the real danger is closer to home.

5. The Lost Girls Of Paris

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A novel about a group of female secret agents during World War II. Based on a series of real-life events, the book opens in Manhattan in 1946, when a woman discovers a suitcase that belonged to the leader of a network of spies based in London during the war. What follows is a portrait of sisterhood, courage, and drama.

6. On The Come Up

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Sixteen-year-old rapper Bri is desperate to live up to her artist father, who was murdered just before his big break. But before she can make it big, she finds herself at the center of a community controversy, while her mom is struggling to make ends meet at home.

Have you read one of these books?

Love, Deem ❤

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