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Tips to reduce the bags under your eyes

You’re probably familiar with the following things: heading to bed too late, don’t relax enough or party all night. Whatever the reason may be, we all hate those bags under our eyes. Lucky for you, I have some tips to reduce them!

1. Ice

Place a spoon in the freezer for about ten minutes. Grab the spoon and place it on your bags (under your eyes) for about five minutes. It works better when you use a wash cloth, to prevent the spoon getting stuck to your skin.

2. Coffee

It may sound crazy, but coffee pads work! Because those expensive eye rollers also include caffeine. So in that way, you can see those coffee pads as a budget solution! Place the used coffee pads on your bags (under your eyes) and add a small amount of pressure. Make sure you don’t press too hard, because nobody wants coffee in their eyes!

3. Camomile tea

Place chamomile teabags on your eyelids and let them stay there for about fifteen minutes. The camomile has a calming effect and will make sure those bags under your eyes will be reduced.

4. Cover

I mean, I can’t let this one slide. I know a lot of people are more comfortable with using cover ups. So, if this is your wish, concealer is a product that works every time.

5. More ice

This one does coincide with the spoon-in-the-fridge technique. The cold reduces the swelling. Wrap an ice cub in foil (the one you use in the kitchen) and gently tap your bags (under your eyes).

Do you suffer bags under your eyes easily, or not often?

Love, Deem ❤

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Source image: Pexels


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