The reasons why people are afraid of spiders

Are you afraid of spiders? According to researchers, there are five different explanations for Arachnophobia. So, if you’re afraid of spiders, and you may be wondering why, perhaps today’s article can shed some light on things!

  1. Trauma

Try to find out how long you’ve had Arachnophobia. It may be the case that in the past, in your youth, for example, something happened with a spider that scared you very much. A kind of trauma experience. You may not remember the event itself very well, but your fear of spiders is definitely there.

2. Genetics

Yes, a phobia of spiders can also be genetically determined. For example, it’s possible that your father or mother was always very afraid of spiders and that you unconsciously took over this fear. A shame, because most spiders are actually very harmless.

3. Human

It’s also possible that people have a natural fear of spiders. Humans may have been accustomed from the past to avoid all potentially dangerous animals and therefore have developed a certain fear of this.

Free Green and Black Spider on Spider Web in Close Up Photography Stock Photo

4. Cultural

The fear of spiders is often partly culturally determined. This means that especially people from Europe are afraid of spiders. In India, Africa, and Australia, people appear to be much less afraid of spiders. They see a spider as a symbol of good luck.

5. No specific fear

What exactly is the reason for this fear of spiders? Most people aren’t afraid that a spider will bite them. The fear appears to be mainly due to the legs and the unpredictable movements of the spider. A spider can suddenly go in a different direction and this unpredictability often scares people so much.

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