Why training your abs has huge benefits

Abs workouts only for avid six-pack growers? Not really! It has many (health) benefits that some people simply forget about. Strong abs are also very useful for simple, daily activities, such as these ones!

  1. Back pain

Many muscles and bones in your body are interconnected. The same is true for abs. Strong abs protect your spinal cord and provide extra support like a corset when you put pressure on your back. The result: much less back pain.

2. Breathe in, and out

To breathe. It may seem like a simple move, but your abs play an important role in it. They help to contract your diaphragm and ‘press’ the air out of your lungs. Strong abdominal muscles, therefore, contribute to a more efficient way of breathing.

3. Spine pressure

Many people stand with their pelvis forward, bending the spine too far. Do you have strong abs? Then the weight is better distributed over your body and there’s less pressure on your spine.

Free Woman Bending Her Body Stock Photo

4. Coordination

In many sports – for example, football or tennis – good coordination of your lower and upper body is very important. And strong abs take care of that.

5. Feel better in your skin

Okay, abs exercises can also ensure that you get a flatter stomach. But don’t expect miracles after a week of fanatical sports, because if you want to feel a bit better, it’s also important to eat healthy, in addition to doing abdominal exercises and exercising enough.

6. Extra: exercises

  • Crunch: Lie on your back, bend your knees, tighten your abs and slowly rise up. Keep your arms straight between your knees at the same time and try to hold this position for at least one second. Then roll back onto your back and repeat the movement.
  • Sit-ups: Do you prefer coarser artillery? Then opt for sit-ups. Ask someone to keep your feet on the floor (or clamp them behind something), place your hands next to your head and come up even higher – until you can’t go any higher.
  • Leg raises: Lie on your back, straighten your body, rest your chin on your chest and bring your legs straight up. The moment you lower your legs, you tighten your abs. Are your abs not strong enough yet? Then don’t put your hands next to you under your buttocks.
  • Planking: Get into a push-up position: place your hands directly under your shoulders and lean on your toes. Make sure you don’t hang in your lower back, but tilt your pelvis and pull your elbows towards your toes.
Free Photo of Woman Stretching Stock Photo

Love, Skye lewis/Deem ❤

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