22 April 2022: Only Seven Left + The Overslept

Another concert review? Yes, sorry not sorry! I kinda discovered this band by accident when I was still in the UK. Later did I learn that they were Dutch, and had quit 8 years ago, in 2014. Back then, they had said to do a reunion concert 7 years later, which would’ve been in 2021. With a bit of postponing due to Corona, they finally did their concert, which I could attend!

The first concert, Thursday, was sold out, so I managed to get two tickets for Friday. The concert was in De Vorstin in Hilversum. My friend and I went there by train, arriving way in time so I could see the support act, which I also stumbled upon by accident, and were apparently also Dutch. I bought two wristbands, one of both, and we went inside. It wasn’t that busy, and we managed to stand pretty close to the stage for an optimal experience.

We arrived early so I could see the support act. I’ve seen them once before a couple years back and was super happy to learn they’d be the support act for the Friday concert. Guess it was a good thing the Thursday was sold out, considering The Overslept was their Friday support act. Anyway, they performed 7 songs to warm us up.

  • Tunnel Vision
  • Figure It Out
  • Where We Want To
  • Stolen Car
  • Save Our Souls
  • Long Way Down
  • Addicted To The Rush

After them, Only Seven Left came. And I felt so bad for the lead singer and guitarist, which I’ll explain in a bit! They performed 19 songs for once, and we got one extra! Lucky us! Two of

  • October Tune
  • Safe To Say
  • Higher
  • Over Again
  • Run Away
  • Somewhere Only We Know (Keane cover)
  • The Moonlight Sky
  • Gives You Hell (The All-American Rejects cover)
  • First Days Of June
  • Against The Wall
  • Let Go
  • Winner
  • Is It Me
  • Stay With Me
  • Lost Your Mind
  • Tonight
  • Wake Up Call
  • Unconventional
  • Love Will Lighten The Dark

So, the reason why I felt bad for the singer and guitarist, was because both were ill, and you could definitely see it. Well, okay, the singer looked way worse than the guitarist. Anyway, his voice was a true angelic sound, and I honestly wouldn’t even have expected he was sick, wouldn’t they have said something about it. Sure, he looked a bit out of it, but I honestly thought it was just nerves. Turns out it wasn’t. Anyway, he gave an amazing performance, and I truly was mesmerised by how beautiful he sounded live in terms of singing. And the instruments sounded amazing too!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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