19 April 2022: 5SOS concert

I could hardly believe it myself when 5SOS announced a tour, let alone that it’d actually go through this time after being postponed a couple of times due to the coronavirus. Anyway, without further ado: let’s get into the concert review!

They performed in Afas Live in Amsterdam, and the concert I attended was sold out. They also had another concert that same week (Friday) in Rotterdam, but I was fortunate enough to go to the Tuesday one considering I had a different concert on Friday.

They had one support act called Hinds, but I didn’t see this artist. I arrived pretty late by train and stood in line to buy a wristband. There’s one thing I’ve never understood from venues selling merch. Why not just make lines, you know? Now, people are just standing all over the place and it’s unclear who was first and who wasn’t as some just crawl in front of you. Which is extremely rude, by the way. I stood in the crowd, in the back, near the entrance. I had to get away as quickly as possible considering I had a train to catch. I didn’t see much, but luckily they had put up two screens for both sides. Thank you, Mojo.

They performed 26 songs for us that night.

  • No Shame
  • Easier
  • More
  • Want You Back
  • Disconnected
  • Take My Hand
  • Red Desert
  • Talk Fast
  • Beside You
  • Waste The Night
  • Complete Mess
  • Lover of Mine
  • Who Do You Love
  • Wildflower
  • Best Years
  • Easy For You To Say
  • If Walls Could Talk
  • Old Me
  • Amnesia
  • 2011
  • Castaway
  • She Looks So Perfect
  • Teth
  • Jet Black Heart
  • Ghost of You
  • Youngblood

By the way! Holy hell they sound so good live! I was honestly blown away! The instruments, the singing, definitely a big fat A on my behalf. And they put up an amazing show too. I will admit I was a bit annoyed by the gate they had going on when they started (I was afraid it was gonna be there for the rest of the concert) but it was only used a couple of times for a few songs. I was already barely seeing anything, and I saw way less with that gate. So, it made me happy it didn’t stay for the entire concert. That would’ve caused me to turn down my grade. Oh, and the concert ended at about 10.50 p.m., 20 minutes longer than the original plan of 10.30 p.m.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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14 thoughts on “19 April 2022: 5SOS concert

  1. I love 5SOS, I saw them a few years ago in NorCal! Also I like your health/skincare blog articles, very interesting 😊

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