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The musical instrument that fits your zodiac sign!

I myself play guitar, and used to be able to play piano and drums, but does any of those instruments match with my zodiac sign? And what about you? Do you play the violin? Perhaps you’d be better off playing the flute. Let’s find out, shall we?


Aquarians always have an eagerness to achieve their goals and aspirations, and for this reason, the saxophone is their instrument. They feel that they can express their emotions and feelings in a very transparent way. This instrument makes it, therefore, worthwhile for them.


Pisces are artistic by nature. While they have an eagerness to be creative, they don’t necessarily like the spotlight. The trombone requires a creative mind to play melodic tunes, enough to keep their audience on the edge of their seats. Artistic Pisces will be very happy to invest in this musical instrument.


Aries are daring and confident and so the trumpet will suit them perfectly. This instrument is the definition of extravagance and stands out from all other instruments. The loud, lively, and melodious sound syncs perfectly with Aries.


Taureans simply love the piano, since its historical and classical style resonates with their character and love for sophistication and a rich, classical experience. This musical instrument requires a lot of practice, which Taureans will surely achieve, given their stubborn nature.


Fun and social Gemini like to be around people and also rely on them to make their time worthwhile. In such cases, drums are their ideal instrument. The energetic beat is similar to their personality, which they turn into meaningful rhythms even when emotional.


Cancerians will be grateful to have an instrument that allows them to channel their emotions in quite an expressive way. Cancers tend to feel an emotion strongly, and so a cello will be able to bring their emotions into a very strong and melodic playing.


Leos are naturally the star among all zodiac signs, eager to grab the attention of any party. An acoustic guitar is the perfect, lively instrument for a Leo who wants nothing more than a glam jam among friends. Acoustic songs are always their favorite.


Virgos are considered perfectionists, so it suits them best if they go for a violin. It’s one of the most difficult instruments to master, but once an individual has mastered it, they remain extremely relevant in their musical background, among other things.


Libras are friendly and outgoing, making the bassoon their ideal musical instrument. This beautiful instrument plays a very happy sound and can be a great way to express your happy emotions. This instrument also resonates strongly with friendship.


Scorpios have the electric charm for themselves that can attract anyone in an instant and that’s why the electric guitar is a suitable instrument for them. A sizzling tune can reveal a lot about their personality without revealing too much; when a Scorpio decides to remain mysterious.


The ukulele is the perfect instrument for a Sagittarius, as its soothing and clear sound matches the bubbly and optimistic personality of a Sagittarius. This instrument mainly brings positive vibes wherever it’s played.


Capricorns are stable, hardworking, and devoted. Their contribution is very essential to get any work done. The bass guitar is therefore the ideal instrument with which they form the backbone of the piece of music. They’ll play the instrument with all their might to get the music going at a good pace.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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18 thoughts on “The musical instrument that fits your zodiac sign!

      1. Je wilt het niet weten hoe ik die snaren wel stuk kan krijgen hahahahaha.
        Dan moet je voor mij toch eens een nummertje spelen. 😎

        Aum Shanthi

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