Types of known ghosts and spirits

You may be wondering: what’s this? Well, those who’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, know that I believe in the paranormal world. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but in the afterlife. I’ve been watching two channels lately, TFIL and Overnight, which show that my suspicions about this world are true. Anyway, today we take a look at the types of ghosts that are known and tend to show themselves the most!

  1. Interactive

The most common type is usually a deceased person, someone you know, a relative, or maybe even a historical figure. These spirits may be friendly or not, but they often show themselves to others in different ways. They can become visible; they may talk or make noises, touch you or even give off a scent such as perfume or cigar smoke, etc., to let you know they’re there. Experts say that this type of ghost retains its former personality from when they were alive and can feel emotions. And often they visit you to comfort you or let you know something important. So, if you see a lost loved one, chances are they’re there because they think you want or need to see them.

2. Ectoplasm (or Ecto-Mist)

Ever seen a nebula or fog that almost looks like it’s swirling? If so, you may be witnessing what paranormal investigators consider an ecto-mist or ghostly fog. This vaporous cloud usually appears several feet from the ground and can move quickly or just stay still β€” it almost likes orbiting the Earth. These ghostly encounters have been captured on many videos and photos and can be white, grey, or even black. While they can simply appear this way, linger for a second, then quickly go away, sometimes ectoplasms appear before becoming a full apparition. Many people have seen them outdoors, in cemeteries, battlefields, and historic sites.

3. Poltergeist

Perhaps one of the most popular terms most of us have heard when it comes to ghosts, the word poltergeist actually means “noisy ghost” as it’s said to have the ability to move or knock things over, make noise, and manipulate the physical environment. While many of us had heard the term before, a poltergeist is actually one of the rarest forms of hauntings and for many the most terrifying. Loud knocking noises, lights going on and off, doors slamming shut, even fires breaking out mysteriously have all been attributed to this type of spiritual disturbance. Another terrifying aspect of the poltergeist is that the event usually begins slowly and gently, and then becomes more intense. And while poltergeist activity is often harmless and ends quickly, they’re known to even become dangerous. Some experts explain it as a massive form of energy that unconsciously controls a living person.

4. Orbs

Orbs are probably the most photographed type of anomaly. They appear as a transparent or translucent ball of light floating. Many ghost hunters are surprised to see them in their photos. Orbs are believed to be the soul of a human or even an animal that has died and is traveling from one place to another. The rounded shape they take makes it easier for them to move around and is often the first state they appear in before becoming a full-fledged appearance. If you’re lucky enough to capture a sphere on video, you’ll be amazed at how fast they can move. They’re usually white in photos, but they can also be blue.

5. Funnel

Usually spotted in homes or old historic buildings, the funnel spirit or vortex is often associated with a cold spot. They usually take the form of a whirling funnel and most paranormal experts believe they’re a loved one returning for a visit or even a former resident of the house. They appear as a string of light or a swirling spiral of light and are often captured in photographs or on video.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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