The thoughts and struggles while trying to get your driver’s license

I have had my driver’s license for 6 years now, but I know that there are still a lot of people who’re currently taking driving lessons. I made a list with a friend who’s currently busy doing that with thoughts and things that occur during class. So, let’s see if you recognise them!

  1. Do I have to?

When you get acquainted with the clutch and you absolutely can’t handle it… All you think is: do you really have to use this thing with every turn you make?

2. Hit the gas!

Your instructor tells you that you need to step on the gas more and that you’re driving too slow when you thought you were driving fast enough.

3. Look at me!

When things finally go well after a few driving lessons and you have found your way, you hope that someone you know will spot you. Because look at me doing a good job!

4. New instructions

But then all of a sudden all kinds of new rules are added and completely new things are explained. Reverse parking, skid course. You name it. And that’s when it all goes wrong…

5. An oncoming car!

Is the road wide enough for two cars? Oh god, what if we hit each other? Do I have to hit the brake? Do I have to swerve? What should I do? Well, just keep calm. Just drive by.

6. All those rules…

The only rule you knew from childhood is that right takes precedence. After your theory exam, you’ll see that there are many more rules that you have to adhere to. It’s hard to remember it all…

7. Wrong pedal

Okay, park. This is going to be all right. I have to slow down now… Oops! That was the accelerator… Phew, luckily you didn’t hit anything.

8. Silence

Your instructor has nothing more to say, so you try to think of other things to talk about. Because that silence is also incredibly awkward…

9. Too late

That moment when you get a text from your instructor, in which he/she says it’ll be a little later… And you were ready for it, with trembling knees…

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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