Your dog’s personality according to his/her sleeping position

Dogs sometimes sleep in the strangest positions, but what do these ways of sleeping/lying actually mean? I’ve done some research on it, and I’m here to share it with you!

  1. The donut

Your dog is curled up in a ‘donut shape’, as it were. Sleeping in this position helps your dog to maintain its body temperature or to warm up. This position also ensures that the most vulnerable parts are protected (such as his organs). Often dogs sleep in this position when it’s autumn or winter because they’re cold.

2. On the back

This sleeping position has an effect on your dog’s body temperature and how he feels in his environment. If your dog is on his back, it means he feels comfortable and relaxed. If his paws are both pointing in different directions, it means he trusts you. This position can also mean that your dog is hot. Exposing its belly and stretching its paws will lower its body temperature.

3. The lion

This position is created when your dog is lying on his stomach with his hind legs tucked in, his front legs extended and his head up or on his front legs. When your dog is in this pose, he’s probably relaxing.

4. The hugger

Does your dog always want to lie against you or other dogs/cats? They have taken that with them from their time as puppies. This also has to do with body temperature. It’s also a way of letting you know that they trust you.

5. On the stomach

In this position, your dog lies on his stomach with his paws stretched out to take a nap. It’s not a position to fully fall asleep in. In this position, your dog is able to get up quickly. This allows you to see that he’s in a playful mood.

6. The side sleeper

Does your dog sleep on its side? Then he feels relaxed, comfortable and familiar.

7. In/on your clothes

If your dog sleeps on your clothes, it means he trusts you. Dogs always prefer to be close to their owner and clothing simply retains smell. That’s why they like to hide in it.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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