Are you a night owl? Then you’ll recognise this!

When your alarm goes off, you tend to toss your alarm across the room. And you secretly hope that it’s already noon. But no, it’s morning. Early mornings just aren’t your thing. You’re more like a night owl. Recognisable?

  1. Waking up is a real problem for you. The snooze button is both your best friend and your enemy, because it often means that you’re late.
  2. While most people have their breakfast quietly, you run around the house to pack your things. You quickly pack your bag, and eat your breakfast on the way.
  3. When people ask you if you have a bad morning mood, you roll your eyes. Isn’t it obvious?
  4. You don’t understand how some people can be so active in the morning. In your mind you’re still sleeping in your bed.
  5. You don’t really start to wake up until lunchtime.
  6. Once home you can’t sit still. You start to do anything to get the most out of your evening.
  7. Ideally you plan all your appointments after 4 p.m. You need to recover from your ‘early’ morning first.
  8. You’re often late for appointments scheduled before 4 p.m. You try your best to be on time, but you just can’t.
  9. You prefer to take naps throughout the day to get to the evening faster.
  10. You really don’t care what time you eat. It can be at 6 o’clock, but also at 8 o’clock. You don’t like fixed activities.
  11. In the group app, everyone says they’re already going to sleep, while you’re just starting your day. Who do you need to chat with now?
  12. A late night snack is your favourite snack in a day.
  13. You’re super creative in the evening and you write down all your ideas for the next evening. Because evenings are much shorter (in your opinion) and you don’t want to forget them. So now, you can work them out the next day.
  14. At a party, you’re one of the last invitees to arrive and often the last to leave. This way you at least equalise the amount of presence.
  15. Once in bed, you lie awake for hours. Yes, you’re still a night owl.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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