This is what happens when you forget your password

It’s happened to all of us: forgetting your password. You’ll see the message on your screen that your password is incorrect. Oops… If you forget your password, these things are nothing but familiar to you!

  1. When you enter your password, you’ll receive an error message. That’s strange, you’re almost sure you’ve entered it correctly.
  2. Maybe you forgot a letter! Yes, that must be it. Though, it’s annoying that the dots on the screen don’t show you what you’re typing.
  3. How can it still be wrong? After the third attempt you’re almost certain that you haven’t forgotten a letter. You’ve already tried the caps lock, but the error message continues to appear.
  4. You have tried all the passwords you can remember, but you keep getting an error.
  5. Maybe you wrote it down somewhere? You check every single piece of paper you can find, but there’s not a single password written on any of them.
  6. You then try every letter and number combination you’ve ever used to guess your password.
  7. Oh no… You entered the wrong password too many times! Now you get an email that someone’s trying to hack your account. Yes, that’s me!
  8. In the meantime, you check your phone to see if you may have noted anything in your notes.
  9. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else you can do. You have to come up with a new password.
  10. The first thing that comes to mind is what you type in as your new password.
  11. That verification thing is so annoying! Is it a 2 or a Z?
  12. Why does it say that my new password can’t be the same as my old one…? Wait… What?
  13. Fine, let’s think of a completely new password. Something with numbers, capital letters, punctuation marks…
  14. Write down your new password somewhere, because you’re definitely not gonna remember this one.
  15. The next time you need to log in, you have no idea what your password is. Because who remembers those letters and numbers? Where did that note go? Oh no, not again…

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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