This is what happens when you try to buy concert tickets

I’m a real concert freak and like a lot of bands and artists. That’s why I regularly order concert tickets. It’s often a challenge to get tickets for certain concerts, and if you have ever bought tickets with a queue, you’ll undoubtedly recognise the following!

  1. Okay, the counter is running. Ticket sales start at 10:00 am. Just a few more minutes and then you can finally buy a ticket! Or at least try.
  2. Yes, it’s 10:00 am exactly! Just select the number of tickets… Oh no, the queue’s already there. There are 70 people who were earlier? Okay, hopefully it won’t take too long…
  3. I’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes… Please hurry up, everything will be sold out soon!
  4. Would it help if I open another tab and queue there too? Or maybe on another device?
  5. Refresh, refresh, refresh… maybe that’s the right tactic? (tip: never do this! If you refresh you’ll lose your spot in the queue. Be patient!)
  6. What? How can there be 100 people in front of me all of a sudden? It was only 70 seconds ago! (Because you pressed refresh. So don’t!)
  7. SOLD OUT? How? Oh no… there goes my chance to see them perform live.
  8. Wait a minute… Yes! A few tickets have become available. But now there are 200 people in the queue. Better give up.
  9. Alas, better luck next time. I tried my best.
  10. Looks in other tab. Oh wait, I can buy a ticket here! Yes, I still scored one!

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels


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