Things you recognise if you have an older brother

I’m an only child, but I’ve always wished to have an older brother. Sadly, that never happened and will never happen. My friend Brenda does have an older brother, and she’s here to share a list you might recognise if you have an older brother too!

  1. Room entering

The most annoying thing is when he enters your room unannounced and uninvited, even more so when you ask him for the hundredth time if he can please leave you alone. And when you enter his room, well, you might not live another day.

2. Chaos in your room

And let’s be honest, if you even manage to get him to leave, he never just leaves. He always has to ruin your neat way of organising things by making a mess for no reason. It’s like he wants to leave a trace behind for his pack or something.

3. Play fighting

If there’s one thing I truly hate, it’s those play fights he always wants to have. He thinks he’s being all funny when he ‘punches’ me lightly, but I’m covered in bruises the next day. And I don’t even get the chance to hit him back. Unfair, and unnecessary.

4. Gossip

What I also hate, is when he tells my parents something that they weren’t allowed to know. And I specifically told him to keep it a secret from them, thinking I could trust my own brother just this once. Why do I keep making that mistake…?

Group of People Making Toast

5. Guy’s opinion

But the weirdest of all? Is when he judges the guys I hang out with. No guy’s good enough for me, and he always has to ‘meet’ them before they take me somewhere. It’s almost as if he’s my second dad. Maybe he means well, for once, but I just wanna hang out with people, you know. Please be non-judgemental for once.

6. Family dinner

Though, I have to admit that I’m happy he’s there when we have our annual family dinners during Christmas. He’s kinda humorous, so he makes it all fun and less awkward when they ask those annoying questions like: do you have a boyfriend already? How’s school going? Etc.

7. Party issues

And okay, another thing I do love about my brother. Whenever I’m at a party and I’m not enjoying myself, being harassed by boys and all, I can always call upon him to come to my rescue. I guess it does have its perks to have an older brother.

8. Sweaters

Another thing that comes in handy is borrowing his shirts and sweaters, also his hoodies. I don’t have a lover, so he provides me with that. He luckily never borrows my clothes, ’cause I hate that. But he never really hates me for borrowing his clothes. That’s a lie. He fumes all the time.

Group of People Holding Arms

9. Love

But, I guess, I do love him. I love when we go for car rides or watch a film together and complain about how bad it is. He comes to my rescue as I mentioned before, and he does care about me. We’ve grown up, and I can definitely tell it’s not as hateful as it used to be between us. So, Paul, I love you.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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