Fun facts and myths about pirates

With the news that Johnny might return as Jack Sparrow, (only rumours, I’m hoping it’s true) I thought it was a fun idea to share some fun facts and myths about pirates. It may contain history/truths and some old-fashioned made up stories. So, without further ado: let’s go hunt for treasure! I mean, stories. Arrrr.

  1. The most feared pirate of all

Blackbeard (also known as Edward Teach) was known as the most terrifying pirate in the world. Before capturing a ship, he’d weave hemp into his beard and light it on fire, an intimidation tactic that made him look demonic.

2. Jolly Roger flag

Not every pirate ship used this particular flag. Pirates had their flags specially made by a sailmaker’s widow who took payment in brandy, while Blackbeard had his own black flag featuring a skeleton with horns. The skeleton held an hourglass in one hand. In the other, he carried a spear pointing to a heart dripping three drops of blood.

3. Female pirates

Being a pirate wasn’t just for men. Famous female pirates include: Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, Gráinne Mhaol and Ching Shih.

White and Brown Galleon Ship

4. Pirate’s drink

Grog is a mixture of rum, water, lemon juice and sugar. It was the drink of choice for pirates, not only rum as most pirate stories tell.

5. Eye patches

It’s been said that pirates wore eye patches. Why? To help keep one eye adjusted to night vision for seeing below deck. Otherwise they’d stumble over their own cannonballs.

6. Plank walking

Although walking the plank is common in pirate lore, most pirates just killed people straightaway. When they did torture prisoners, it was through keelhauling (dragging a tied sailor in the water from the back of the ship), marooning a person on a deserted island or remote sandbar, or lashings with a leather whip.

Black and White Skull Hanging Decor

7. Rules and codes

Almost every pirate ship had their own set of guidelines all pirates had to agree to. This included how the loot would be divided, who had which chores and what was expected of everyone. The most common rule was no fighting on-board.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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