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Wise and simple ways to keep yourself warm in winter

No one can disagree with me in saying that the winter has truly shown its face throughout the world. Some countries got little bits of snow, others a true snowstorm (like here). In any case, you often hear people complain that it’s way too cold and they can’t get warm. So, I’m here for you to tell you how to keep warm and safe during winter!

  1. Wrap yourself warm

Dress in layers and wear a hat/beanie, gloves and scarf. And not to mention a warm coat. Clothes made from wool, cotton or fleece fabrics are the warmest. When you’re indoors, wear warm socks and slippers to keep your feet cosy.

2. Allow no cold inside

Close doors and windows and use a keyhole cover to block draughts. Buy thermal linings for curtains to keep the heat in. Turn the heat up once, let it get warm inside and turn it down a little to keep the warmth steady.

3. No alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol before going outside or when you’re already outside. It does make you feel warm, because blood vessels in the skin expand, but this draws heat away from your vital organs. Which isn’t what you want to happen during winter.

Snowy Pathway Surrounded by Bare Tree

4. Check your heating

Have your heating system serviced regularly to make sure it works well. No one wants to be locked up inside during winter with a broken heater.

5. Maintain temperature

Keep your main living room at 18–21°C (64–70°F) and the rest of your house at 16°C (61°F). If you can’t heat all the rooms you, heat the living room during the day and the bedroom just before you go to sleep. When in bed, use either a hot water bottle or an electric blanket to give yourself some extra warmth.

6. Warming food and drinks

Have regular hot drinks and food such as porridge, soups and stews. As for drinks, drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Photo of Birds Perched on Tree Branches

7. Stay active

Keep as active as possible to boost your circulation. Move around at least once an hour and avoid sitting still for long periods. Even a light exercise will help keep you warm. When you do sit down, put your feet up as it’s the coldest near the ground.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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