Game review: Shadows of Rose DLC

I finished this DLC, belonging to Resident Evil Village, during yesterday’s stream. What did I think of this DLC? Does it match the gameplay experience of the Resident Evil series? Does it exceed it? Or is it a setback? Be aware: spoilers!

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose New Gameplay Showcased at TGS 2022,  Features Frost Abilities, Third-Person Gameplay
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Fifteen years after the events of Resident Evil: Village, Rosemary Winters, daughter of Ethan and Mia Winters, enters the consciousness of the Megamycete in search of a way to remove her powers and give herself the normal life she’s always wanted. With only her powers and scarce resources at hand, Rose must fight through this terrifying, endless nightmare and find a way to end her curse before the Megamycete traps her in darkness forever.

Resident Evil Village - Shadows of Rose - gamedetails, releasedatum, nieuws
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Rose fights these zombie-like mold creatures, also called Face Eaters, which are honestly fairly easy to kill, and with her powers, may I add which are amazing, she can easily fend them off. Sure, she seems rather weak as she can’t really defend herself (e.g. not able to guard or block), but her powers are amazing in terms of stunning enemies and revealing hidden pathways and hidden stuff such as ammuniation and first aid meds.

Resident Evil Village: new gameplay details on Shadows of Rose story DLC –  PlayStation.Blog
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I’m really happy that they listened to the fans and readded the third-person mode. It’s definitely a lot nicer to work with in games like these. But I’m still not happy about the fact that Ethan’s face is still not officially revealed to us! They didn’t fully listen after all. That put aside, this game relies on stealth quite a lot more than in any other RE game, which was a fun new addition to the RE gaming experience. With that, Rose only has two types of guns and her powers. Not much to defend yourself with when both are pretty scarce in terms of ammunition.

Resident Evil Village: Tips To Defeat Mother Miranda in Shadows of Rose
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One thing though, I thought the boss fights were quite flawed. There wasn’t that much excitement in them and didn’t take that long to end them without dying. They were stunning nonetheless, and well-designed, especially the final one in which you get to work together with Ethan. And boy, do I have something to say about his reappearance! But before I get to that, I do admire that they reinstated Miranda and Eveline, two women we knew from games 7 and 8 instead of introducing a new enemy. I did like that, whereas I normally would’ve argued otherwise. In this particular instance, I think it worked really well to conclude the Winters’ story.

Ethan Comes Back to Life and Saves Rose - RE8 Shadows of Rose DLC - YouTube
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Despite not having seen his face in the DLC itself, I have found an amazing gamer who uploaded a YouTube video showing one of the most emotional scenes in gameplay for me, with Ethan’s face. I’ve truly come to love Ethan. An ordinary man, with no superpowers, no background story in terms of being a cop or any type of agent, ready to save his wife and daughter from supernatural unexplanatory causes. And I admired that from the first second I met him. So, did I know it was him who was the ‘angel Michael?’ Yes, right from the start. I knew it was him. And I was grateful to get to see him one last time, hear his voice one last time. This DLC came at the right time for me. Oh, and one last thing, the mannequin section is so well-developed. An amazing gaming experience, if you ask me!

End conclusion: yes, I recommend this DLC. I shall give Shadows of Rose 4,5 out of 5 stars!

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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18 thoughts on “Game review: Shadows of Rose DLC

  1. Im glad you gave it a chance. Any chance you’ll play the newly announced Remake/ remaster of RE4 when it’ll come out next year..? Knowing me I’m not a horror game fan so I don’t think I could play this so major respect for you to play this

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    1. Also feel like I barley see any tv adverts now days. Dunno why. Maybe they aren’t just advertising as much (I saw loads when I was a kid now it’s 10% you’ll actually see one

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    2. Oh most definitely! Already pre-ordered! I cried seeing the trailer, that’s how big of a fan I am and how excited I am! And honestly, horror games nor series nor films have any effect on me. I play them purely for fun (:


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